Button Box TOMY Z3
TOMY Z3 is a button box that works with any simulation game, whether car or other. It only works on PC.

47 €

If it is not available on eBay you can request the production of a device, its production can take between a couple of days or weeks depending on the availability of materials.


  • 7 buttons, 4 double pushbuttons of two positions with return to the central position and an ignition switch (16 assignments in total).

  • Compatible VESA 100 mount.

  • USB connection. No need drivers, windows will identify it as a gaming device.

  • Housing in ABS plastic made with 3D printer.

  • Dimensions of the box 146 x 117 x 45 mm.
  • 1 button box.

  • 1 USB cable.

  • 4 M4 screws and 4 M4 washers for rear or lower fastening.