Simhub is a program to transfer the information of the games to electronic devices.

You can compose your very own dash and has a multitude of tools to configure different devices.

You can download Simhub from RaceDepartment in the following link:

Simhub is not developed by us and therefore we can not make changes to the software

Software configuration
Go to Arduino and My Hardware, and then select Single arduino. That's all you need to set up TOMY D1 and TOMY D3.

For TOMY D4 it is necessary to invert the digits, for this go to Display & Alerts and in the section Seven Segment Modules check the box "Reverse display"

Game configuration
When you select a game, at the top you will see a red box or a message with the instructions necessary to configure the game, you have to follow those instructions so that the game sends the necessary information to Simhub.