Manual for TOMY D2 HDMI 5"

Simhub is a program to transfer the information of the games to electronic devices.

You can compose your very own dash and has a multitude of tools to configure different devices.

You can download Simhub from RaceDepartment in the following link:

Simhub is not developed by us and therefore we can not make changes to the software

Display settings in Windows
IMPORTANT: First connect the USB cable to power the display and then connect the HDMI cable.
1. Right click on the Windows desktop and select "Display Settings"
2. In "Multiple screens" choose "Extend these screens".
Using Dash Studio
To load a dash on the screen you have to use Dash Studio.
Games configuration
When you select a game, a message will appear at the top with the instructions necessary to configure the game, you have to follow those instructions so that the game sends the necessary information to Simhub. In some games this configuration can be manual or automatic, simply select one of the two options.