TOMY iFlags Pro user manual.

The first thing you have to decide is if you are going to use the Tom Connector software or the Simhub software to control the dashboard. One of these two programs is necessary to send the necessary information from the game to the iFlags.

Tom Connector is a very simple software to use, you just have to start the program and it will detect the device and the game you are playing, it is a software developed by us and uses our Easy Use philosophy. Simhub is a more complicated program to configure although it offers more options, Simhub was not developed by us and it is a third party software and therefore we cannot make changes to this software.

Using Tom Connector

If you have decided to use Tom Connector these are the simple steps to follow to use the software.

1. Download the program from the following link.


2. Unzip it anywhere you want and run the file "Tom Connector.exe"

3. Set up the game you want to play with the following guide, this guide only works for Tom Connector.


4. Start the game and enjoy!!

Using Simhub

Everything said above is not valid for Simhub, Simhub has its own way of configuring each game to work with this software.

To use this software, the first thing to do is configure it so that the iFlags works with Simhub. You can do this by following the guide on this link.


Using iFlags Pro

Change operating modes
Pressing button 1 consecutively accesses the different operating modes. These modes are:
  1. Front and rear lights activated.
  2. Only front lights.
  3. Front and rear lights with night mode.

Pressing and holding button 1 for 3 to 5 seconds switches from Tom Connector operation to Simhub operation and vice versa, when the mode is activated to operate with Simhub all the lights will turn blue and when the mode is activated to operate on Tom Connector all lights will turn red.

Night mode

In the night mode the rear lights are always on in a white tone, to have a soft ambient light if you drive with the room lights off.