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TOMY F1 Steering Wheel
Formula style steering wheel for Thrustmaster and Logitech bases
298€ 541€  
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4 Jan, 2019

Your sponsorship gives the right to a significant discount on the purchase of the product of the project.
Even if the project does not reach its funding objective, the sponsors will receive their product, although the production times may be extended because it is not possible to make all the investments.
Once the goal is reached, the campaign will be closed and the product of the campaign will have its normal price.

Finished campaign
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Project specifications

With this steering wheel it is not necessary to buy a button box, or additional screens or dashboards, it has everything integrated. Being all integrated into the steering wheel also facilitates its handling because everything is more at hand.

TFT touch screen 4.3 "and 12 RGB LEDs for revolutions and flags.

12 buttons, 10 of which are switched by the left rotary to have up to 20 more buttons.

Rotary right 10 positions.

Minijostick with pulsation up, down, right, left and central.

4 switches of two positions (ON-OFF-ON). They can be pressed up or down and return to their central position.

In total 55 buttons to configure in your favorite simulator.

Top magnetic paddles

Lower paddles for double clutch, with hall magnetic sensors (without potentiometers). Switch to select double clutch or operate as independent analog paddles to use for example as accelerator and brake.

Finishes in leather and appearance of carbon fiber through hydroprinting.

Connection using a single USB cable.

Investment plan

The proceeds will be used to purchase the materials for each of the sponsors' steering wheels and various investments to face the production of this high number of steering wheels of the current crowfounding and subsequent future orders.

The money will be invested in three 3D printers, since a single printer could take up to 3 full days to print all the necessary parts for a single steering wheel, in this way the printing time would be reduced to a single day significantly shortening the time of production of the steering wheels.

It will also be invested in a laser printer and a cutting machine for the different vinyl stickers needed.

Update #5 - Final version

Finally, here is

Update #4 - End of the campaign

Next steps

First, to wish you a prosperous new year and second to thank all the sponsors for their help in this project.

The objective has not been reached but it is sufficient for the fundamental and to be able to start with the production of the steering whells of the campaign, it will be a slower production due to the lack of financing.

We hope to start sending the
steering whells later this month if all goes well, there are still some things to polish so you have the best steering whells we can build.

The next update will be with the final
steering whell finished and the first shipments.

Update #3 - Prototype working

Initial Tests

The prototype is already functional, it is a basic version without any type of finish applied.

Update #2 - Improvements in the front

Initial tests

After the first tests on the front, the design of the two top buttons has been changed by different ones with protection and a control for the larger minijostick to be able to handle it better.

Update #1 - Electronic test

Initial tests

Making the first tests of the front panel with all the electronics. You only have to make a few small adjustments on the front panel.

Frequent questions

There are still no questions.