Load saved customization

1. Select first the number of columns and then the number of rows of the button box: rows and columns.

- The rocket type switch occupies two spaces, select Red rocket higher and in the space below Red rocket lower to have the complete switch.
- The Start Engine button occupies 4 spaces, select Start Red Top Left, Start Red Top Right, Start Red Bottom Left and Start Red Bottom Right. in 4 spaces to form the button.
Detalle componente:
2. Press "View changes" to see the button box, you can make changes and click "View changes" again to view the changes made.

3. Save your button box with a name. Always save the design before ordering so that all changes made are saved. That saved design will be the one that goes into production once it is added to the cart.

4. Here is the price of your personalized button box and you can now place the order.

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Shipping: Insert components and save your design to know the estimated shipping time.

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