About us.
The beginnings.
It all started with my interest in 3D printers, I bought one that came completely disassembled, it had to be assembled even soldering all the cables, it was a two-day job.

At that time, these printers were not cheap either, it cost me almost €600 and it came completely disassembled, an assembled one reached almost €1000.

I improved the heated bed and put a more powerful power supply since the printers that came out on the market were not perfect either.
I retired this printer a while ago, it was already causing many problems and current printers, even the cheapest ones, print better and are smaller in size.


Now that my printer was working, I went on to design something that would be useful to me and as an industrial electronics engineer that I am, I had to have something electronic.

As I have always liked driving simulators, I decided to make myself something simple to start with, a button panel for my steering wheel. This is how the TOMY Z1 keypad was born.

Once it was working, I decided that if someone else wanted it, then I could do it for them, thus creating Tomy Racing.
Then I designed my first dashboard, and more button panel models, making it a little more complicated each time, until I reached the design of a formula-type steering wheel.
We currently manufacture mods, supports, handbrakes and everything that can be useful to our community, the simracing community, as well as everything that is necessary to contribute to its growth.
We have reached 4 continents and dozens of countries, as you can see on our map, Tomy Racing around the world.