Dashboard TOMY D2 Pro 3.2" v2
TOMY D2 Pro 3.2" v2 is an instrument panel or dashboard designed by TomyRacing.com to visualize the parameters of the car, it has a program for windows that sends the information to the device. The information shown depends on the game, there are some games that share and simulate more parameters of the car than others.
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  • Details
  • Utilities
  • Firmware
  • Documents


  • It works exclusively on PC with the S.O Windows.

  • 3.2" TFT resistive (can be used with gloves) touch screen.

  • 8 RGB LEDs to visualize the revolutions.

  • 4 RGB LEDs to display the flags.

  • USB connection.

  • Works with Tom Connector and Simhub software. In Simhub it works with Simhub Nextion technology, it does not work with Simhub Dash Studio technology, Dash Studio is for HDMI and USBD480 displays.

  • High resistance plastic housing made with 3D printer.

  • Carbon fiber appearance.

  • Measures: 115mm x 64.40mm x 25mm.


  • 1 Instrument panel with USB spiral wire + USB extension.

  • 2 M4 screws.

  • Tom Connector

Program to send game data to the electronic device. Developed by Tomy Racing.


  • Simhub

Simhub is a program to transfer information from games to electronic devices. You can create your own screens and it has multiple tools to configure different devices. Developed by Wotever (Simhub has not been developed by us and we cannot make changes to the program).


  • Hmistruct, hmijmap, and ledsprofile files for Simhub

Files necessary for the device to work with the Simhub program. In the documents tab you will find information to configure Simhub with these files.


  • Firmware

Firmware is a program that establishes the lowest level logic that controls the electronic circuits of a device of any type.

You can access the latest firmware version from the following link.


  • Layouts

NOTICE: If you update to the latest version of the layouts, you also have to update the hmistruct, hmijmap and ledsprofile files to the latest version and update to the latest version of Tom Connector if this is the program you are using to control your device.

You can access the latest version of the schemes from the following link.


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