TOMY iFlags Pro
TOMY iFlags Pro is an indicator of RGB LEDs that shows revolutions, start lights and flags, with front and rear lighting.
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  • It works exclusively on PC with the S.O Windows.

  • 8 front RGB LEDs to visualize the revolutions, start lights and flags.

  • 16 rear RGB LEDs to display the flags.

  • USB connection.

  • It works with Tom Connector and Simhub softwares. Software for Windows.

  • Housing in plastic made with 3D printer.

  • Three modes, front and rear lights, only front lights, front and rear lights with ambient light.


  • 1 iFlags Pro with USB wire.

  • Tom Connector

Program to send the game data to the electronic device. Developed by Tomy Racing.


  • Simhub

Simhub is a program to transfer information from games to electronic devices. You can create your own screens and have multiple tools to configure different devices. Developed by Wotever (We have not developed it ourselves and we can not make changes in the program).


  • Archivo ledsprofile para Simhub

File needed to configure LEDs for Simhub.


Firmware is a specific class of device software that provides the low-level control for the device specific hardware.

NOTICE: Firmware 2.00 or higher only works with Tom Connector 2.00 or higher.

You can access the different versions of the firmware from the following link.


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