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Hand brake TOMY L2 with hall sensor
TOMY L2 is a hand brake for simracing - racing games - driving simulators.

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Handmade manufacturing that works by USB and you can select analog or digital operation.

It does not use potentiometer because they have a short life, it has been replaced by a magnetic sensor called a hall sensor that works by the movement of the sensor inside a magnetic field, there is no friction as in a potentiometer, so it can work all of life.


- The name, number and color of the side of the hand brake can be customized.

- It works exclusively on PC with the S.O Windows.

- Made of steel and aluminum.

- USB connection. No need drivers, windows will identify it as a gaming device.

- Digital or analog operation selectable by means of a toggle switch.

- Interior box of the handbrake made of plastic with 3D printer.

- Dimensions 60 x 220 x 310 mm in position 1.

- Dimensions 60 x 410 x 190 mm in position 2.


- 1 Hand brake

- 1 USB cable