TOMY F1h Steering Wheel
Formula style steering wheel for Thrustmaster, Logitech and OSW bases
This product is discontinued because it is not manufactured or because there is an improved version, consult the products section to find new versions of this product.
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This is the evolution of the TOMY F1 steering wheel, it has numerous improvements such as a lower weight, more stylized paddles box, adjustable paddles, gears and reinforced clutches, removed the rear switch to make the selection of the control software only with the touch screen, reduced steering wheel thickness, new buttons and rotarys, new electronics and other minor changes. With this steering wheel it is not necessary to buy a keypad, or additional screens or instrument panels, it has everything integrated. Being all integrated in the steering wheel also facilitates its handling.

  • It works exclusively on PC with S.O Windows.
  • Connection using a single USB wire.
  • Metal aviation connector for the connection between the USB wire and the steering wheel. Spiral USB wire + 1 meter extension.
  • 4.3" TFT touch screen with 12 RGB LEDs for revolutions and flags.
  • 10 push buttons.
  • 2 Rotary encoders with central press.
  • 4 two-position switches (ON-OFF-ON). They can be pressed up or down and return to their central position.
  • In total 24 functions to configure in your favorite simulator.
  • Magnetic paddles, more magnets can be added for greater strength.
  • Double clutch or accelerator and brake on the lower paddles, selectable by switch. Progressive activation by hall sensors and magnets. Clutch calibration for output control by potentiometer.
  • No drivers needed.
  • Works with Tom Connector and Simhub software.
  • Interchangeable emblem system.
  • Customizable initial screen.
  • Customizable the colors of the 10 buttons, the stickers of the 2 rotarys, the initial screen and the emblem.
  • Steering wheel diameter: 27 cm.
  • Plastic housing and cams made with 3D printer.
  • Terminations in leather and carbon fiber appearance by hydroprinting.
  • Measures: 270mm x 170mm x 41mm. Measures only of the hoop without taking into account cams, QR and rotary buttons.
  • The adapter is not included for the base since depending on your base you need some things or others. Add the accessories you need in your shopping cart, you probably need the following things based on your base:
    Logitech base - Quick release TRX + Logitech adapter
    Thustmaster base - Star spacer + Thrustmaster adapter
    OSW base - You probably only need one, you probably only need one spacer Since these bases include adapters for 70mm steering wheels, you can also put a Quick release TRX if you want, in that case you don't need a spacer.
  • Tom Connector

Program to send the game data to the electronic device. Developed by Tomy Racing.


  • Simhub

Simhub is a program to transfer information from games to electronic devices. You can create your own screens and have multiple tools to configure different devices. Developed by Wotever (We have not developed it ourselves and we can not make changes in the program).


  • Hmistruct, ini and leds files for Simhub

Files needed to operate the TOMY F1 steering wheel with the Simhub program. In the documents tab you will find information to configure Simhub with these files.


There are no firmware updates