TOMY P3 button plate
Button plate for steering wheel, for Thrustmaster, Logitech and OSW bases
This product is discontinued because it is not manufactured or because there is an improved version, consult the products section to find new versions of this product.
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  • It works exclusively on PC with OS Windows.

  • Connection using a single USB cable.

  • Coiled USB cable + 1 meter extension.

  • 10 push buttons + 4 rotary push buttons.

  • 4 Rotary encoders with central push.

  • In total 24 functions to configure in your favorite simulator.

  • Magnetic cams, more magnets can be added for greater strength. Several pieces in carbon fiber to give them greater resistance.

  • Interchangeable emblem system.

  • Minimum required steering wheel diameter: 30 cm.

  • Product made with 3D printer and carbon fiber.

  • Design made taking into account the formula style steering wheels: Turn R20 Evo R and DimSim F320H.

  • Measurements: 195.83 mm x 143.71 mm x 30.60 mm. Measurements only of the plate without taking into account paddles, QR and push buttons / rotarys.

  • The adapter for the base is not included since depending on your base you need some things or others. Add the accessories you need in your shopping cart, it is likely that you will need the following things according to your base:

    Logitech base - Logitech adapter or Quick release TRX + Logitech adapter
    Thustmaster Base - Thrustmaster adapter
    OSW base - You probably don't need anything since these bases include adapters for 70mm steering wheels, you can also put a Quick release TRX.
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