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Installation of the hall sensor kit for the Logitech pedals.
Remove the top of the three pedals by removing the two screws on each pedal.
Open the pedals by unscrewing the screws in the photo.

You can now remove the pedals from the base.
Remove the pedal to which you want to put the sensor from the base by unscrewing the screws in the photo.
Remove the sticker protection from the magnet holder.
Insert the hall sensor inside the magnet holder leaving the magnets facing the sensor.

Insert the sensor cable through the hole in the pedal.
Insert the rest of the sensor through the hole in the pedal, aligning them and attaching the magnet support to the pedal. It must be horizontal, if it is placed crooked it may not work properly.
Disconnect the potentiometer.
Pass the sensor cables through the hole under the potentiometer.
Connect the sensor cables to the pedal cables, the color red with red, black with black and the excess of both.

Protect the connections with electrical tape so they do not touch them or the metal pedal.
Insert the flange through the hole and secure the cable.

Put the pedal back in its place and screw it all over again.
Pedal calibration in Windows settings
The Windows calibration software is not too good, it is advisable to perform this Windows configuration but then do the advanced configuration with the DIView software.

To calibrate the pedals with the Windows settings go to start and then to settings.
Enter in devices.
Enter "Devices and printers".
Go to the steering wheel icon and right click and click on game device settings.
Click on the properties button.
Click on the "Configuration" tab and then on the "Calibrate" button and complete the configuration wizard that will come out.
Advanced pedal calibration with DIView
Software download -> DOWNLOAD