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TOMY P1 Steering Wheel
Steering wheel for Thrustmaster, Logitech and OSW bases
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13 Oct, 2019

Your sponsorship gives the right to a significant discount on the purchase of the product of the project.
Even if the project does not reach its funding objective, the sponsors will receive their product, although the production times may be extended because it is not possible to make all the investments.
Once the goal is reached, the campaign will be closed and the product of the campaign will have its normal price.

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Project specifications

With this steering wheel it is not necessary to buy a keypad, or additional screens or instrument panels, it has everything integrated. Being all integrated in the steering wheel also facilitates its handling because everything you have more at hand.

  • Connection using a single USB wire.
  • 3.2 "TFT touch screen with 28 RGB LEDs for revolutions and flags.
  • 10 push buttons.
  • 1 Rotary encoders with central locking and 1 rotary switch with 10 positions.
  • 2 two-position switches (ON-OFF-ON). They can be pressed up or down and return to their central position.
  • In total 29 functions to configure in your favorite simulator.
  • Magnetic paddles.
  • Interchangeable emblem system.
  • Steering wheel diameter: 33 cm.
  • Finishes in leather and carbon fiber look through vinyl.
  • The adapter for the base is not included since depending on your base you need some things or others. When you have hit the button to sponsor this campaign add the accessories you need in your shopping cart, you probably need the following things according to your base:
    Logitech base - Quick release TRX + Logitech adapter
    Thustmaster base - Star spacer + Thrustmaster adapter
    OSW base  - You probably only need a spacer since these bases include adapters for 70mm steering wheels, you can also put a Quick release TRX if you want, in that case you dont need a spacer.
Investment plan

The proceeds will be used to purchase the materials for each of the sponsors steering wheels and various investments. Although the product is not profitable at this price, since manufacturing hours do not compensate for the profit, revenues are produced in a short space of time that are used for investments.


Update #1 - Start of the campaign

The campaign is underway!!!

The campaign begins, hoping it will be as good as the previous ones, where thanks to the sponsors and their suggestions, the manufacture of the TOMY F1 and the F1X came to fruition, now with this new campaign we can create the new TOMY P1.

Frequent questions

There are still no questions.