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Button box TOMY Z1 Pro Blackbox
TOMY Z1 Pro Blackbox is a button box that works with any simulation game, whether car or other type of game. It only works on PC.

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  • It works exclusively on PC with S.O Windows.

  • Compatible with Wheel Stand Pro and DXRacer Racing Simulator wheel stands.

  • 18 metal push buttons with led lighting.

  • 1 momentary two-position toggle switch (back to center).

  • 1 Rotary switch with 10 positions.

  • If the TomConnector software is run, the push button LEDs will flash to indicate the yellow flag, blue flag, warning flag and speed limiter.

  • Compatible with VESA 75 mounts.

  • USB connection. No drivers needed, windows will identify it as a gaming device.

  • Plastic housing made with 3D printer.

  • Front vinyl with carbon fiber look.

  • Box dimensions 170 x 90 x 38 mm.
  • 1 keypad with USB wire.

  • 4 M4 screws for rear or lower fastening.

  • 1 sheet of adhesive labels to trim.
  • Tom Connector

Program to send the game data to the electronic device. Developed by Tomy Racing.


No firmware updates yet

There is no documentation.